Flying Out Communications offers musicians a fully-tailored buffet menu of publicity, media and artist services.

From a family of steadfast indie stalwarts (Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Flying Out) comes Flying Out Communications - bringing New Zealand’s musicians a fully-tailored buffet menu of publicity, media and artist services. 

New Zealand’s music industry can make for frustrating and seemingly fruitless times for artists to negotiate. As proud supporters of independent musicians, Flying Out Communications (FLOC) want to help cut through the noise - to help artists be heard, seen, and paid. Through effective, sustainable and well-rounded campaigns, Flying Out Communications will see your music broadcast to the place where people will listen. 

Made up of a team with decades of diverse and hard-won music industry experience, Flying Out Communications are well versed in the ups and downs of creative pursuits, struggles and successes. We represent artists across a wide range of music, styles and approaches, and are committed to maintaining artistic integrity and vision. We aim to address our artists’ ongoing publicity, media and music marketing development needs in the constantly changing environment that is modern-day music. Tapping into the resources and contacts we've established (and continue to build) both here and beyond the antipodes, our goal is ultimately linking you, the artist, with new audiences - wherever they may be. 

Taking a forward-thinking approach to all modes of publicity, media management and artist consultancy; we understand the importance of digital media, and are dedicated to the strategic integration of progressive, online channels with more traditional media outlets. And let’s not forget New Zealand’s ever-changing landscape of applications and forms - we’re here to help with that too, should the glove fit. 

With an approach that’s both personal and pro, we here at Flying Out Communications are artist-focused first and foremost. We’ll lend an ear to your project’s needs and goals, customising a joint plan to make the most of our resources and, more importantly, your talent. 

The FLOC team have worked so far with local artists such as Lawrence Arabia, Yumi Zouma, Street Chant, Doprah, plus a cool little festival called The Others Way.

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FLOC People:

Leading the FLOC is Olivia Young who currently manages Aldous Harding & Kane Strang, has done publicity for Laneway Festival, Auckland Film Festival & more.

Flying with the FLOC is Matthew Davis, a partner in Flying Out, a Label Manager at Flying Nun Records and in his spare time is also the current chair of Independent Music NZ

Flowing with the FLOC is Ben Howe, founder of Arch Hill Recordings, Managing Director at Flying Nun Records and partner in Flying Out.

From far away for FLOC is Josh Burgess who takes care of business for Flying Nun Records in the USA and puts the yummy in Yumi Zouma.