Artists should spend time making art. It’s a no-brainer.

But New Zealand’s small and shaky music industry can often make for frustrating and seemingly fruitless terrain for artists to negotiate.

As proud supporters of independent musicians, FLOC (Flying Out Communications) want to help cut through the noise. To help artists be heard, seen, and paid. Through effective, sustainable and well-rounded campaigns, we’ll see your sound fly to the places where people will give the right amount of shits. This is no cookie-cutter gig - we're artist-focused, first and foremost, and every campaign or project is tailored to the individual artist.

FLOC is an artist consultancy with arms working and waving across full service promotions, media and marketing. It’s not just about writing a press release at FLOC.

Born from a family of indie stalwarts (Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Flying Out), we are well versed in the ups and downs of creative pursuits, struggles and successes. In somewhat mafioso words, blood runs thick - and we’re in it for the long-haul. 

It's fair to say that our team has been around the block; thrown a few punches. As a result, our molten core comprises diverse and hard-won experience across every aspect of the music industry. We take a progressive approach to artists careers; working within the maddening and oftentimes confusing world of digital disruption we are dedicated to the strategic integration of traditional media and other communication outlets with the fragmented, decentralised and highly user-driven nature of new interactive and online media.

FLOC work with emerging and established New Zealand artists to address artist development, publicity, brand identity and positioning, and media needs in a constantly shifting and dynamic contemporary media landscape, ultimately connecting artists with new audiences, wherever they may be. FLOC tapp into resources and contacts we've established and continue to build beyond the antipodes; the digital buzz means we work across country and sea, with international markets and contacts from publicity, to labels, distributors, agents, managers, and even a few bands. 

The Flying Out Communications gang have worked so far with local artists such as Don Mcglashan, JAKOB, Ghost Wave, Aldous Harding, Doprah, Princess Chelsea and Yumi Zouma. We also put on a little music festival in Auckland called The Others Way.